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“Author Neil M. Pine is a true pioneer of the Vegan movement! For over 40 years he has been a champion for animal rights, environmental awareness, and holistic health concepts! We need a book like his now, more than at any other time in history!”

—(Claudia DeSantis, MS/CNS: Master of Science in Nutrition & Certified Nutritional Specialist)

”A Must Read if you care about your health and the future of our children”

—(Dr. Zayd Ratansi N.D.) Managing director of Wellness Without Limits

“A Game Changer! This book challenges many core ideas and values related to parenting choices. The author provides an alternative perspective for parents to evaluate the relationships between food choices and parenting practices that may have a profound impact on the child.”

—(Dr. Carol Sigala, PhD, Professor of Child Development)


“Ethical, environmental, humanitarian, & healthy veganism could be the quickest way to change the world”

—(Lama Jigme Gyatso, the rational contemplative and Spiritual Director of Buddha Joy Meditation School)

“Holistic, Anthropogenic and Compassionate. The Future of Humanity!”

—(Carmela Evangelista, ETM: Evangelista Talent Management)

”Ground breaking cutting edge journalism which is not only informative and compassionate, but is also critical toward the survival of the planet”

—(Mike Russell, publisher for

“Neil has always been a passionate advocate for animal rights, environmental awareness and health consciousness! This book addresses the human imperative of sustainability while living in harmony with nature and teaching compassion!”

—(Mark Thompson)
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