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The Conscious Planet, written by author Neil M. Pine, is an incredibly powerful, creatively unique, and highly provocative piece of literature, which addresses some of the most serious issues facing the world today. It thinks outside the box and breaks all the rules of traditional thinking. It’s not about being right or left, but about what is right and wrong! It pushes the limits of what a book can be by answering some of the most pressing enigmatic questions regarding the secrets to life, good health, and the survival of the planet.

This book questions people’s typical concept of reality, examining the traditions and ethos which have led to the moral justification of animal slaughter. It also seriously addresses the problem of climate change with chapters dealing with drought, famine, and the decimation of our precious rain forests. In addition, it embellishes the readers with fascinating information about endangered species’ (fauna and flora), cause and effect, including one chapter just on endangered insects.

Furthermore, the author enlightens the reader as to the latest innovations in alternative energy and transportation technologies, and the creation of a completely sustainable and self-sufficient ecological theme park that utilizes almost every form of alternative energy, while also protecting endangered species. He also gives helpful insights into holistic living and nutritional therapies involving orthomolecular medicine and anticancer research. In addition, there are some mind-boggling facts and information in this book that readers may never find in more traditional publications, such as the truth about medical marijuana, and safe natural alternatives to antibiotics. Also revealed, is information on the dangers of vaccines, mad cow disease, microwave ovens and food irradiation. The Conscious Planet also analyzes the safety and benefits of organic farming versus conventional agriculture, as well as, the pseudo-science of genetically modified organisms.

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