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Into the new millennium, as the consciousness of the public evolves, contingent upon the survival of the planet, we will end factory animal farms, protect the ocean and our precious rainforests, stop dirty energy (coal, oil and nuclear), and eliminate GMOs along with other dangerous herbicides that are causing cancer and killing bees! This will set the stage for incredible advancements for sustainability, health consciousness and peace on earth! If people really care about their children’s future, then the information in this book should be considered as of paramount importance! It’s what the world desperately needs now! Go Vegan!

The Conscious Planet represents the prerequisite for the future of humanity! It’s a powerful polemic against all things wrong with our modern western culture. This salient and cutting-edge vision of reality projects way out beyond the horizon. All of this critically important information (while formally representing highly controversial and provocative subjects), is now all coming to fruition with more public concern and awareness than ever! The truth about pandemics & vaccine horror! GMOs and the nefarious bee killing and cancer-causing herbicides from Monsanto! Rainforest destruction, drought, famine, and endangered species, including the bees!

Furthermore, The Conscious Planet exposes a legacy of demagoguery and corporate plutocracy used by our politicians and big industry to cover up the truth about environmental negligence by mitigating or eschewing the facts! (Refer to chapter 4 “Peace and Prosperity”) Over the years, the truth has become obfuscated by a maelstrom of government and corporate subreption! (A malicious concealment of the truth!)

It’s everything the government, and the multinational corporations that control it, don’t want you to know! Mr. Pine also published an article in the Spring of 2010, in Vision Magazine, warning people about the dangers of nuclear power. Contingent upon this article, just one month later, Neil gave a 20 min speech about non sustainable practices at the University of California, in Riverside and received an Eco Hero Award. Only 1 year later, we experienced the worst nuclear disaster in history at Fukushima Japan! (Refer to chapter “The Insidious Nature of Nuclear Power”). The Conscious Planet also expounds about the horribly cruel, profligate and destructive nature of livestock production! Meat recalls and dangerous zoonotic diseases; the cruel, unhealthy and environmentally unsound dairy industry and the egregious effects of animal agriculture with extreme weather and climate change!

Animal agriculture represents the most significant factor in the destruction of our planet due to man’s ongoing greed and lust for dead flesh! Animal products are not only terrible for the environment and your health, but it also patronizes evil and inhumane, Auschwitz style, slaughterhouse

conditions. “Does something have to die in order for you to live?” You have to be some kind of a prima donna to think so. There is a certain pride in knowing that you can live and thrive while not destroying the environment or killing other living creatures. Once you realize this inner truth an enormous burden of guilt may be lifted off your shoulders. Now you are truly living in harmony with nature and you may begin to feel an illumination of spirit. Living without this cycle of death we automatically become more humane, and therefore more human: More Humane … Less Beastly,

More Compassionate … Less Barbaric,

More Gentle … Less Brutal,

More Assertive … Less Aggressive,

More Ethical … Less Deceitful

More Green!

(Original illustration by Neil M. Pine)