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The Conscious Planet

A Vision of Sustainability, Peace & Prosperity

Neil M. Pine

The time has come for everyone to realize their responsibilities to themselves, to the planet, and to future generations. People need to open their hearts and minds to the modern era of health, sustainability, and compassionate new age concepts in retrospection to the generations of gross polluting, insalubrious and inhumane practices of the past.

The Conscious Planet written by Neil M. Pine is a non-fiction book that presents the ecological, physiological and compassionate psychological justification for sustainability which entails an organic vegan macrobiotic diet.

This goes way beyond any other self-help book. Not only does this information improve your health and psychology, but it will also dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, thus ameliorating all external environment factors surrounding you, making the world a better place for everyone. No other book presents such a dynamic and broad spectrum of subjects and neatly ties them in all together! 


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